Wednesday, June 30, 2010


WW (weight watchers) Basics:

1. First of all, WW is based on a points system. You get a certain amount points per day based on your weight and activity level. You can actually earn points through exercise, but it takes 10 minutes of vigorous (you can barely breathe) exercise to earn 1 point. So you would have to run for 30 minutes to earn 3 points.

Points Target     Weight

20                      <150

22                      150-174

24                      175-199

26                      200-224

28                      225-249

30                      250-274

31                      275-299

32                      300-324

33                      325-349

34                      >350
2. The amount of points that a food is worth is dependent upon the calories, fat, and fiber in that food. This is great, because if a food is low in calories and high in fiber it will account for fewer points than an item with no fiber. I recommend keeping a spread sheet of what you eat every day. This will hold you accountable and easily add your points. My spreadsheet contains what I eat, the amount of points, and I also list what exercise I get in for the day. Once per week I also put in my weight.

3. How do you know what foods are worth? Email me at and I will send you an Excel file that calculates points for you. You can also use  and  to look up foods.

I have a WW points slider to help me calculate foods when I’m away from my computer or you can purchase a calculator type device (found on Ebay). There are also apps for your phone for around $3.

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