Monday, December 5, 2011

Alabama State Gymastics Championship 2011

The State Meet was held in Ozark, AL which worked great for us because it was closer to Florida and family! Grandma, P-pa, Winter, Joe, and Justin met us at our hotel Friday night. It was so nice to be able to hang out.  Gracie had to be at the civic center by 7:40 am the next day.  Pa-pa met us at the civic center with my brother Ben and his family who live about 40 minutes from Ozark.  For those of you who don't know gymnastics meets are first divided by progressive levels (Gracie is a level 3), awards are given out based on different age groups.  There were 181 level 3 gymnasts that competed this past weekend, but there were several age divisions.  Gracie was the first gymnast to compete on beam for her session and she rocked it out with a 9.350, this ranked her 2nd for her age group.  She then went to floor and whipped out a 9.200, she won 2nd place for her age group.  Everyone said the floor judges were pretty tough and I believe it because when you rank Gracie against the other 180 gymnasts her floor score was 7th! That is pretty awesome, because that compares her to every level 3 gymnast, some of them much older than Gracie. On vault she won 5th place with a 8.825.  Then came the uneven bars.  Gracie has struggled a little with bars this season, but she had really turned a corner recently at her last meet and at practice.  She ended up slipping on the bars, and a "fall" is an automatic .500 deduction.  A one-half point deduction is a lot in gymnastics. This brought down her "All Around" score (combination of all 4 events).  If you were to add back the .500 to her All Around score she would have been 1st AA.  She ended up 5th for AA, but she will always be 1st in our eyes. :)  After the meet we celebrated with some BBQ.  Grandma and her crew headed back to Freeport and we went to Ben's house so the boys could release all of their built up energy (they sat for almost 4 hours at the gymnastics meet, then lunch, then a 40 minute ride).  That afternoon we said our "See ya laters" and headed back to Birmingham.
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